DJ Q-Kat

Musician - Composer - Producer


Latest release: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' by Neon Soda (30.05.2019)

Edge of the Bridge by Kimba Kyon (29.05.2019)

Deep and Funky House Mix by DJ Q-Kat (19.05.2016)

Where are you? by DJ Q-Kat (04.04.2016)

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DJ Q-Kat is a musician, deejay, composer and producer. At about five years of age he got his first instrument which was a violin. Over the years he learned and played several instruments such as drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitar and ukulele.

He also played in various bands, the last two were Booma Nova and Bass Adjustment.

With BassAdjustment DJ Q-Kat contributed some musical and creative input and was engaged in producing their latest CD "The Style Is To Be Changed".

In 2015 he joined Neon Soda which is a band project located in Hamburg. He's the guy bringing you the beats and giving musical/creative and technical input. Furthermore he is co-composing, mixing and producing all new songs.

In 2018 he joined the band Kimba Kyon which is an alternativ-psychedelic-indie band from Hamburg. At first he was active as a keyboarder, now he plays drums. He is also the producer for Kimba Kyon.

Furthermore DJ Q-Kat is remixing songs of other bands, so drop him a line if you have a song you want to go through his hands.